Secret Place with Famous Hot Spring
Secret Place with Famous Hot Spring

Located in the East Rift Valley between security environment through spa hotel has beautiful mountains and rivers, and about 8 km from Yuli city, is currently only able to provide complete solutions lodging location. In addition to the spa, comfortable, clean rooms, the other has a Chinese restaurant, a separate spa soup house, outdoor spa, indoor male soup, soup female, hiking trails, Kara OK, meeting rooms, parking, leisure tea area and wireless Internet access. No hotels near other buildings blocking, so look to reach all the luxuriant mountains, beautiful scenery, sooner or later, different, in this bathing, do not have a forest wild deep feelings.

Hualien An-Tong Hot Springs Resort is located in Yuli Town, Hualien County,along the River An-Tong. The hot spring is 7 to 8 kilometer from Yuli Town , and it was discovered in 1903. But it's developed public bath field until 1930 by Yuli Town Administration Office. Then it continues being renovated and extended.

The hot spring in our resort is close to crystal but still smells hydrogen sulfide a little bit. It's very good for external injury, skin disease, stomach and intestines disease, women disease and so on. The temperature of hot spring is about 66 C (150F) and the scope of hot spring reaches to 300 meters.

Note: Eight Scenic Views of Hualien: Antong sullen, Hsiu-kou jade gargling, Red Leaves to find a way, Chengtan leaping carp, Chiking harbour sail, Eight spiral turquoise, Capacitive waterfall, Taru merging

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