An-Tong Hot Springs Resort


Penthouse Soup House

The private soup house on the top floor subverts the mode that the general hot spring industry only puts the soup house indoors and has no landscape to admire, and designs 16 independent open-air soup houses with a broad view. You can enjoy an independent bathing space with your three or five friends. With different styles, you can roam in the embrace of the mountain during the day and be accompanied by the stars in the night.

indoor soup house

There are 6 double pools and 2 family pools in this area. The hot springs are imported from the source.

Japanese-style soup area

The Japanese-style indoor men's and women's soups are the favorites of soup customers. They are designed in imitation of Japanese style, with changing rooms, washing areas and soaking areas. There are hot water pools, warm water pools, and cold water pools in the room. There is no pressure to soak in the soup in the wide space. The golden needles and rapeseed flowers are designed with great care as the wall surface, so that you can enjoy the soup more visually.

Open-air hot spring spa

There are many types of equipment for bathing combined with SPA functions. There are 13 hot spring pools with different functions. Public facilities include: steam room, rock bath, foot bath, daze booth, warm water bubble massage bed, bubble massage area, and three-pronged duckbill nozzle. With three or five friends soaking in the soup, you can fully enjoy the relaxing healing effect in the paradise of mountains and forests.

Mountain pathway

The hotel has a hiking trail with a total length of about 600 meters. Entering from the trailhead, you can climb up the stairs to climb to the Spring Pavilion and the Yufeng Pavilion. Along the way, there are native Taiwanese banyan, rough-leaf banyan, Sapindus japonica, camphor forest, acacia, etc. , You can also watch a variety of bird ecology such as crested oriole and five-colored bird. The highest point of the trail is about 450 meters above sea level, which is a good place for morning exercise and absorption of forest phytoncide.

Leisure tea area

There are three or five tables and chairs in the leisure tea-making area on the second floor of the sky corridor. There is also a fully automatic drinking machine, and there are also reclining chairs specially made by the old carpenter. In the afternoon, you can lie in the East Rift Valley leisurely. Holding it in the arms, blowing the cool breeze, you can feel the lazy vacation atmosphere.

Antong Hot Spring Fude Temple

The Antong Hot Spring Fude Temple, located in the first parking lot, is a religious center that has guarded the nearby residents of Antong Hot Spring for many years. In recent years, a new roof has been built for the land master with Japanese-style construction methods, making it more comfortable for tourists who come to worship. rest space.

hall store

There is a 24-hour counter service and a sales department in the museum, so there is no need to worry that there is nothing to eat on the mountain at night, providing travelers with a safer and more secure accommodation quality.